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Ultra-Creative Approaches to Go-To-Market Alignment in a Hybrid World

We expect to see a new business environment for the future—one where virtual and physical worlds are intertwined in new, fascinating ways. The old playbooks that used to work for go-to-market team alignment no longer will. How do revenue teams continue to stay aligned on company initiatives?

In this webinar, a panel of wildly creative problem-solvers and innovators share their novel and effective approaches to creating alignment in 2021 and beyond. Watch to learn:

  • How to get closer to our fellow go-to-market teams and ensure collaboration across entire business units
  • How sales and marketing teams most effectively and successfully work together to increase pipeline development, velocity, and conversion
  • How unified sales and marketing teams create-attention grabbing moments for their prospects

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Kate Athmer

VP of Growth

Jimmy Chen

Director of Sales Development

Colin Campbell

Director of Marketing
Sales Hacker

Nick Casale

Director of Sales