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What it Actually Takes to Execute a Hyper-Effective Hybrid Event

One-and-done direct mail campaigns can drive pipeline and revenue, but they’re not always scalable. World-class sending programs require recurring direct mail and digital sends. They need automation and the ability to be executed via triggers. And they need integrations.

Here we are—in the next normal. Both in-person events and virtual experiences, alike, look different than they did a little over a year ago. We’ve all talked about it, we’ve read about it, and now it’s time to actually plan and execute hybrid events.

Sendoso brought together experts on the topic from 6Sense, Gong and Welcome to talk about:

  • What the best virtual event platforms are
  • What hybrid experiences actually will be like
  • The future of the attendee experience
  • Tips & tricks to broach the next normal of hybrid events

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Courtney Smith

Head of ABX 6Sense

Jena Andres

Head of CX and Marketing Welcome

Brianna Valleskey

Director of Corporate Marketing, Sendoso

Danny Hutto

Event Marketing Manager, Gong