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How to Drive Pipeline and Revenue at Scale in the Era of Human-to-Human

In using B2C-like tactics to engage target audiences, B2B professionals brought the “human to human” (H2H) concept of audience engagement to the forefront. But last year’s shift in the B2B sector left us curious: Is H2H the new standard for B2B audience engagement?

We surveyed hundreds of revenue leaders and looked at data from thousands of teams sending across the globe to create Sendoso’s 2021 State of Sending report.

Sendoso VP of Product Marketing Kai Ichikawa will share what we uncovered and why human connection is priority #1 in 2021 and beyond. Tune in to learn how to:

  • Humanize your revenue generation programs
  • Deliver memorable experiences that ‘Wow!’ customers
  • Create long-lasting relationships with prospects and customers alike

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Kai Ichikawa

VP of Product Marketing, Sendoso