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How To Win In The Era Of Human-to-Human Engagement

Join this session to hear Sendoso’s Brittany Klokkenga share survey results of hundreds of revenue leaders and thousands of teams’ sending strategies across the globe to create Sendoso’s 2021 State of Sending report.

Brittany will dive deep into this topic and share what was uncovered and why human connection is priority #1 in 2021 and beyond. She will be joined by one of Sendoso’s leading customers to bring the H2H approach to life using physical touches and digital plays together.

Tune in to learn how to:

  • Humanize your revenue generation programs by blending physical with digital strategies with sends;
  • How to leverage sending to combat digital fatigue, build stronger relationships and stand out from the competition; and
  • Create long-lasting relationships with prospects and customers alike.

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Brittany Klokkenga

Content Marketing Manager

Hally Darnell

Demand Generation Manager