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Brand in 2021: How to Stop Telling Stories and Start Building Worlds

The world changes quickly, but our primordial desire for stories to help us make sense of it remains the same. The best companies craft narratives that don’t just exist on a web page or event stage; they’re cultivated across channels, interactions, and experiences—ultimately taking a life of their own in the hearts and minds of an audience.

But when things are unlike they’ve ever been before, how do we empower our teams to be brave enough to break down barriers and build new paths? How do we balance creativity and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with tying ourselves to metrics and revenue? And what does connected storytelling look like in this brave new world where digital interactions rule and tangible brand experiences are limited?

This panel will explore brand as demand and injecting stories into every part of the customer lifecycle for 2021 and beyond.

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Mark Kilens

VP of Content & Community, Drift

Ryan Brown

Head of Brand, Ceros

Rachel Fukaya

Sr. Director of PR, WalkerSands

Brianna Valleskey

Director of Corporate Marketing, Sendoso