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Acceleration Across the Funnel

Today’s self-educated buyers are on the move, jumping from asset to asset, channel to channel, and moving back and forth through various stages of the buying journey. Or at least, they SHOULD be. Join this panel discussion from ON24’s RevNEXT, led by experts from 6sense, Sendoso and Drift, on how to reinvigorate stalled pipeline and accelerate purchase decisions.

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Tessa Barron

VP of Marketing, ON24

Courtney Smith

Head of ABX, 6sense

Matilda Miglio

Senior Marketing Manager, Drift

Sruthi Kumar

Associate Director of Field & Partner Marketing, Sendoso

You will learn how:

  • Reach and influence leads with right-time, right-place messaging
  • Track the success of every marketing touchpoint
  • Map buyers to the various stages of their buying journeys
  • Move deals and make money