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Thursday, June 1st , 2023 | 11 a.m. PST – 45 min


Winning Over CFOs | Strategies for Approval of Sales and Marketing Spend

Are you struggling to close deals in today’s complex and competitive business environment? Are you finding it challenging to convince multiple stakeholders, especially CFOs and finance teams, to approve martech and sales purchases that can give your sales efforts a boost? We understand your pain points and have got you covered!

Join our panel discussion to hear directly from top CFO and finance leaders on how to navigate the complexities of the approval process, the right questions to ask, and the data to present to make a compelling case. This session will help you get the YES that you need from your decision makers.

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Uncertain times are cause for uncertain results. With a rapid shift in the economy and changes in B2B buying behaviors, the same old sales tactics are not going to break through barriers. What does this mean for sales leaders? Strengthening the buyer-seller connection and building an impactful buyer experience is critical to ensure sales teams hit their targets.

You’ll learn:

  • How to sell sales and marketing spend to budget owners
  • Strategies for navigating the approval process
  • Best practices for presenting data and coming prepared with a business case


Bryan Seltzer

Evan Zawatsky

CFO at Athletic Brewing Co.

Kathy Lord

Nicole Lieberman

Sr. Director of Enterprise Sales at Sendoso

James Sutton

Scott Williams

VP of Finance at Dealpath

Kathy Lord

Subhash Tibrewal

VP of Finance at Observe.Ai

Kathy Lord

Vahid Manie

VP of Finance at Cresta