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Why choose Sendoso over
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Deliver a human marketing experience to
improve acquisition, expansion and advocacy.

Sendoso has you covered for your sending management needs.

Owned Global Fulfillment Centers and Logistics

Total Control Over Orders

Allows 100% focus on Sendoso versus balancing the needs of other clients in a shared warehouse.

Unlimited Customization

In-house printing allows for notecards and other customizations, exactly how you want it.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Allows for fast direct resolution and support for any potential issues.

Sendoso Fulfillment Center
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Curated Send Experiences

Send Curation Experts

Creative ideas on what to send based on your target audience, campaign objectives, CTA, etc.

Unique Sourcing

Source unique/custom items to create a ‘wow’ unboxing experience.

Extension of Your Team

Project manage the sourcing of custom physical goods, packaging, and inserts.

The Most Marketplace Choice

Premium Marketplace

Over 1760+ premium marketplace items that can be shipped to over 165+ countries.

Local Vendors

Starbucks vs a local coffee shop? No problem. Square integration allows you to source from local vendors.

Amazon Integration

Directly integrate into the everything store to create the perfect send.

Global Sends Map

Enterprise Scalability

Data Security and Compliance

SOC2 certified, ISO27001 compliant and fully GDPR and CCPA compliant. Full audit trail for compliance with anti-bribery laws.

Manage Teams with More Control

Greater control over what your users can do. Designate Department Admins to manage users, budgets, and funding within their own department.

AUTH0 Single Sign On

Support common enterprise federation scenarios such as Active Directory, LDAP, Ping, OKTA, Google or Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML).

Services, Support, and Community

Dedicated Onboarding

We know your business and are dedicated to your success. Rapid resolution with 24/5 support.

Sendoso University

Self-paced, interactive learning modules designed for all users and levels of expertise.

Supersender Community

600+ dedicated members of the Sendoso community who are pioneering sending to amplify their marketing.

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Sendoso versus Everyone Else


Sendoso Other Gifting Solutions


In House, full control and visibility over sending logistics



In House, custom printing on your timeline


Order Branded Merchandise Directly in Platform

In House, complete creative control your branded experience


Custom Swag

In House, quickly create one-of-a-kind campaigns

Virtual Events
Control Over the Supply Chain
Quality Control Outsourced
Enterprise Security Limited (GDPR and CCPA, and SOC2 compliance)
Full Audit Trail Limited
User Provisioning and Governance  Limited
Compliance Limited
International Currencies Limited
Automated Inventory Management/Notifications 
Dedicated Warehouse Support Team Limited
International CSMs and Support
Gifting Recommendations
Robust Integrations Limited
Onboarding Services Limited

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Terminus influenced $5.5M in Pipeline with Sendoso


SuperSender Community

How Gong generated 400+ new opportunities

In today’s climate, it’s not what you sell, it's how you sell it. When thinking about door-opening campaigns, we like to differentiate Gong in a crowded market. And Sendoso allows us to cut through all of the SaaS noise.

Russell Banzon

VP of Marketing, Gong

How Zendesk generated 15X ROI from a sending campaign

The cool thing is, we automated everything in Sendoso and integrated it with our CRM to track each step, from opting in, to starting a send, to delivery. Then, we pulled that information into Eloqua, where we could automate the eGift email instead of manually uploading a list. That’s all worked really well.

Miru Natarajan

Senior Marketing Manager of Regional Operations & Programs, Zendesk

How Cornerstone influenced $7 million in pipeline

Sendoso helps Cornerstone accelerate deals and set meetings with the prospects we normally have a difficult time getting in touch with. The unique sends help us break through the noise and come in with a message that resonates.

Sara Schonfeld

Senior Marketing Strategist, Cornerstone

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