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Sendoso and Influitive Announce New Strategic Partnership

Published at 07-12-2018

SAN FRANCISCO., JULY 11, 2018 Sendoso, the premier Engagement Delivery Platform, enables companies to source, send, and centralize the direct mail and gifting process. The company announces a new partnership and integration with Influitive. Influitive is driving the shift from company-centric marketing to advocate marketing with its customer engagement platform, AdvocateHub. As a new integration partner with Sendoso, Influitive will make use of Sendoso’s global warehouse network for product storage and fulfillment.  

Influitive is built on the belief that leveraging customer advocates is the best way to fuel business growth. . They will leverage Sendoso’s global warehouse network to send physical gifts and e-Gifts as rewards earned through their AdvocateHub platform. The platform is designed to incentivize advocates to perform acts of advocacy, such as submitting referrals, acting as references, and generating content.

Jeff Porter, the Senior Director of Business Development at Influitive, says, “We're really excited about our new partnership and integration with Sendoso. We selected Sendoso as our fulfillment platform partner because of their worldwide fulfillment warehouses, vast product offerings, and top tier customer success support. Mutual customers including Uberflip, Procore, Nutanix, and others are already lining up to leverage this new integration."

These mutual customers of Influitive and Sendoso have already been seeing the benefits. Lauren Tuthill, Sr. Customer Advocacy Specialist at Procore, shares “Integrating Sendoso with our Influitive platform has allowed us to provide seamless fulfillment of our physical rewards. It allows us to provide better experience to our Influitive advocates while saving tons of time and work on the back end.” 

Influitive and Sendoso can now generate more referral leads by allowing users to do the following:

  • Send rewards for customer references, social buzz, success stories, and product reviews
  • Fulfill reward requests from Sendoso’s global warehouse network

About Sendoso
Sendoso is the Engagement Delivery Platform, helping companies source, send, and centralize direct mail, swag, gifts, notes, and anything else. Sendoso has seamless integrations into Salesforce, Engagio, Marketo, and more. The platform enables delivery anytime & anywhere and drives outreach as a team. Sendoso is a privately held company based in San Francisco, California. To learn more please visit

About Influitive
Influitive is driving the shift from company-centric marketing to advocate marketing. Our engagement and advocacy software, AdvocateHub, and team of advocate marketing experts help the world’s most successful businesses discover, nurture, and mobilize their greatest marketing asset: their customer advocates. We believe that companies who put authentic advocate voices at the heart of their marketing — and their entire business — are the ones that will grow the fastest.

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