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The Sendoso and RollWorks integration allows you to:

  • Use data and machine learning to identify your target accounts, add sending as a channel to your multi-channel approach, at scale.
  • Reach your key decision makers by sending a memorable experience to increase deal velocity and shorten sales cycles.
  • Prove and measure ROI for all sending efforts across your multi-channel campaigns with the Rollworks + Sendoso integration.

Ways to Use the Integration

Add sending to your multi-channel strategy. Increase your outbound response rate by adding personalized direct mail to your outbound efforts. Follow-up with prospects as soon as their Sendoso is delivered to increase booked demo rates.

Focus on key decision makers. Identify key buyers in the decision making process and ensure your dollars are being spent on the right person, at the right time.

Increase deal velocity. Trigger sends based on opportunity stages to create a memorable sales experience and continue to stay top of mind.

Prove and measure ROI. Seamlessly map ROI and influence metrics back to your database for accurate reporting.

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