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Drive Business with Integrated Sending

Create demand, convert leads, and see over 200% ROI when you integrate Sendoso as part of your marketing and sales motions.

Works the Way Your Business Works

Experience the improved campaign outcomes and measurable engagement that integrated sending delivers, right from within the tools and platforms you use to run your business.

Sendoso + Microsoft Dynamics

How to Drive More Business with Sendoso + Microsoft Dynamics (Powered by Workato)

Sendoso + Salesforce

How Sendoso’s Salesforce integration leads to tighter Marketing and Sales alignment

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Sendoso + zapier

From triggered eGifts to automated delivery confirmations: 5 ways to use Zapier + Sendoso

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Having those integrations [Salesforce and Outreach] has been amazing. I don’t know how we were executing sends before them.

Jessica Pate, Account Based Marketing Manager at Siteimprove

Works the Way Your Teams Work

Technology should adapt to the way you work and not the other way around. Learn how Sendoso integrates with the applications your teams use every day.

Sendoso + Gmail

Work Where You Already Are: Introducing Sendoso’s Gmail Integration

Sendoso + Multiple Apps

5 ways Sales, Marketing, and CX teams can automate sending

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Our sales team lives in Gmail. They also use Sendoso to personalize and engage their accounts—I know they'll be very excited to use Sendoso’s Gmail integration to make it easier to engage their prospects throughout the sales cycle.

Sander Buitelaar, Marketing Campaign Manager at

Integrations Power Growth

ROI isn’t just another buzzword. Many of our partners are also our customers. Sendoso’s partners have seen real results with integrated sending,

Sendoso + Salesforce + Marketo

Millions in pipeline generated when Arctic Wolf leveraged Sendoso, Salesforce, and Marketo

Sendoso + Salesforce + Outreach

Campaigns saw over 21x ROI when OneLogin incorporated Sendoso, Salesforce, and Outreach into a direct mail strategy across multiple teams and departments

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Sendoso + 6sense + SalesLoft

Learn best practices for inbound and outbound sales prospecting from leaders in the field

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We give the sales team as much liberty as possible. With Sendoso, they can send eGifts for coffee, lunch, Amazon, or charitable donations, all within the sales platforms they use every day.

Hally Darnell, Demand Generation Manager at Electric AI

See how leading B2B companies use Sendoso to fuel revenue

We’ve seen response rates and success with Sendoso like no other form of outreach.

Peter Tarrant, Account Based Marketer, Tipalti

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