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Design experiences people truly love.

Research shows that direct mail is more likely to drive behavior than digital media. We help human resources, operations, and even product teams easily engage anyone who’s important to their business. Build real relationships with employees, recruits, beta testers, partners, investors, donors, and more by sending anything at scale with our swag management platform. 

Endless possibilities for meaningful interactions.

Candidate Experience

Send your top candidates a company T-shirt and handwritten note after their interview or while you’re waiting for them to sign to drive excitement around joining your team!

Employee Engagement

Recognize your employee’s accomplishments by sending them a succulent or other small desk plant to encourage their continued growth!

Surprise & Delight

Create a custom gift box with company swag, stickers, notebooks, pens, and more to surprise and delight anyone who’s important to your business.

Donor Appreciation

Send each of your donors branded bluetooth headphones with personalized, handwritten note to thank them for their contribution. 

Investor Celebration

Commemorate important milestones with your investors by sending beautiful office plants to thank them for helping you grow!

Partner Praise

Give your partners accolades with playful or custom-branded medals, trophies, or other small memorabilia they can keep at their desk.

Sending Options

With Sendoso, you can send direct mail, personalized gifts, plants, wine, sweet treats, handwritten notes, automated rewards, company swag, digital gift cards, and anything else you ever want.

Send From Where You Already Work


Send directly from within Salesforce, set up triggers or campaigns to send based on rules, automatically log activities, and more.

CHrome Browser Extension

Keep Sendoso with you wherever you already work and send anything off of Amazon for a hyper-personalized  touch.


Execute online and offline outreach campaigns, measure attribution, and enable teams to send direct mail and gifts at scale.


Set up swag stores in Sendoso so that when an order is placed via Shopify, the item(s) will be fulfilled via Sendoso. 


Automate direct mail, gifts, and eGift sends based any smart list criteria and track direct mail campaign success. 

marketing automation

Create automated workflows in HubSpot’s Marketing Hub that will trigger eGift cards and physical gifts based on any HubSpot criteria added to the workflow.

Real engagement. Real results.


Of people enjoy receiving packages


Response rate from packages sent

Hours saved per campaign

Sendoso makes it possible to celebrate our employees in important and tangible ways. The Shopify integration creates a seamless experience for on-demand fulfillment of items that we store at their warehouse for free. I also love being able to see the platform’s analytics!” 

Stacey Shields, Apptio

Build meaningful relationships at scale.

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