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Elevate 2023

Elevate 2023

Elevate your Skills. Elevate your Career.

Revenue teams are always looking for new and innovative ways to engage with potential customers. It can be tough to stand out in a noisy world, but with the right strategies and process, you can boost sales and grow your business.

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Kris Rudeegraap
Co-Founder & CEO
Braydan Young
Co-Founder & Chief Alliances Officer
Grady Leno
Chief Product & Technology Officer
Michelle Palleschi
Michelle Palleschi

President & COO

Karen Steele
Chief Marketing Advisor
Sangram Vajre
Co-Founder & CEO
GTM Partners
Stephanie Kelly
Stephanie Kelly
Head of Growth Marketing
Scott Logan
SVP of Marketing
Tim Davidson
Sr. Director of Digital Marketing
Colleen Jackson
ABM Marketing Director
Kelleigh Tegels Nelson

Sr. Marketing Manager

Deanna Ransom
President & Executive Director
Women in Revenue
Jake Dunlap
Jake Dunlap


James Gilbert
Kevin Marasco
Amy Holtzman
Executive Marketing Leader
Jon Miller
Suman Siva
Co-Founder & CEO
Marco Experiences
Mike Swainey

VP of Growth Consulting
Intelligent Demand

Lori Richardson
CEO & President
Score More Sales
Lydia Flocchini
SurePoint Technologies
Kerry Cunningham
Kerry Cunningham
Research & Thought Leadership
Anthony Kennada

Co-Founder & CEO

On-Demand Sessions

Opening Remarks: The Future of Sending

Speaker: Michelle Palleschi, President & COO, Sendoso

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Get ready for a day designed to spark imagination and elevate the conversation around differentiating your brand, engaging buyers, and achieving measurable results. Hear from our co-founders and CEO about Sendoso’s vision for 2023, as well as insights for navigating the current economic climate to help you stay at the top of your game.

The New Role of Marketing in the Constantly Changing Go-to-Market World

Speaker: Sangram Vajre, Co-Founder & CEO, GTM Partners
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Let’s face it. GTM teams are no longer just sales and marketing. GTM metrics are no longer pipeline and revenue. GTM motions are no longer just inbound and ABM. What we all are facing is a crisis called “the go-to-market confusion”. In this session, based on research done by the GTM Partners Analyst firm, Sangram will help you identify the 15 most common GTM challenges, share a modern GTM framework on how to address these and leave you with top 5 recommendations to turn 2023 from confusion to clarity.

Why Every B2B Company will become a Media Company

Speaker: Anthony Kennada, Co-Founder & CEO, AudiencePlus
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Every company is becoming a media company. Changing consumer behavior around emerging content formats, data privacy laws, and our relationship with social media is creating a renewed focus on owned media, a powerful strategy for building authentic relationships between brand and audience. Learn about how owned media is more than just a new buzzword, but actually a transformative approach that brings community into the center of how we operate businesses.

Relationships For the Win: Community and Giving As A Growth Driver

Moderator: Deanna Ransom, President & Executive Director, Women in Revenue
Speaker: Lori Richardson, CEO & President, Score More Sales
Speaker: Lydia Flocchini, CMO, SurePoint Technologies
Speaker: Michelle Palleschi, President & COO, Sendoso
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The world is now driven by authentic relationships which are nurtured whether business or personal. For business, and especially women in business, community matters and can make a tremendous difference in terms of growth both personally and for the business. This is why forging the right relationships and creating a virtuous circle of caring, connectedness and compassion through community and giving is a tremendous growth driver for business and individuals. Join us as we have a real conversation on:

  • Why community and giving matter now more than ever
  • Why community and giving means even more for women in business
  • Ways to create personal engagements in a digital world
  • Why businesses should focus on community partnership, giving and empowering women in revenue roles for growth

Why You Should Treat Outbound Like Paid Advertising

Speaker: Jake Dunlap, CEO, Skaled

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You wouldn’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads without constantly optimizing what you’re spending. Most teams, however, don’t apply this performance mindset to their outbound efforts as well. This is one of the main reasons sales and business development teams aren’t hitting their numbers. Join this session to learn how to take a performance management approach to outbound optimization in 2023 and increase performance and meeting booked rates.

The CMO Perspective: Lessons from the C-Suite

Moderator: Karen Steele, Chief Marketing Advisor, Sendoso
Speaker: James Gilbert, CMO, Flip
Speaker: Kevin Marasco, CMO, Tebra
Speaker: Amy Holtzman, CMO, Spring Health

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More than ever, marketing leaders are faced with increasing challenges to meet revenue growth targets (new and existing business), building brand engagement, and hiring and retaining top talent in the toughest hire market in decades.

Join our panel of Chief Marketing Officers and learn first hand on how they are successfully navigating these challenges and raising the value profile of marketing within their organizations.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Craft highly differentiated marketing strategies to fuel revenue growth in 2023
  • Amplify your brand in the market, create mindshare and turn it into wallet share
  • Recruit a talented team of A+ marketers in this highly competitive candidate driven market

Nothing Works Anymore: Smarter GTM in a Downturn

Speaker: Jon Miller, CMO, Demandbase

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The marketing playbooks we’ve used for years just aren’t working anymore. Content led demand gen doesn’t work as well. Email doesn’t work. Pouring more money into Google doesn’t work. The fundamental problem with the existing playbooks is they suffer from Buyer Indifference — buyers are numb to all traditional tactics. And the economic downturn is only making it worse. We need a new playbook for these times. We need a Smarter Go-To-Market (GTM). In this session, Jon Miller, CMO of Demandbase, former cofounder of Marketo and founder and CEO at Engagio, will show how you can get past buyer indifference by conditioning the market to your solution and engaging the right accounts at the right time with the right plays. And he’ll make you groan with some bad dad jokes as well.

Engaging Communities Through Intentional Experiences

Speaker: Suman Siva, Co-Founder & CEO, Marco Experiences

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The way we work and live has fundamentally changed over the past few years. Developing authentic connections has always been important both personally and professionally. In an increasingly digital, and sometimes disconnected, world connection is even more important. In the workplace, with 80% of companies remote or hybrid coming out of COVID, companies need to be more intentional about building connections between employees. In sales and marketing, building connections with customers can be a differentiator that pays dividends on conversion. Bringing people together is more impactful when the experience shared is intentional and memorable.

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