Direct mail examples

Millions of Possibilities

With our Address Confirmation, you can choose from millions of possibilities… sent to wherever your customer or prospect is working.


Store and manage your direct mail, company swag, customer gifts, dimensional mailers, and anything else in our warehouse across the globe.

Easily send individual items or build custom boxes with just a few clicks of a button!


Choose from hundreds of vendors across the globe (or let your recipient select their own) and easily send an eGift card.

Send eGift cards via email, text message, or downloadable link.  


Send wine, plants, sweets, treats, and other perishable items via a third-party vendor of your choice or anyone from our verified network of partners.

Easily delight your recipients and engage multiple people at one organization with cookies, champagne, cupcakes, flowers, coffee beans, brownies, and more!


Order anything off of Amazon and have it shipped directly to our warehouse, repacked with a handwritten note, and sent to your desired recipient.

Include items you already have stocked in the warehouse, like custom packaging tape, stickers, swag, and more.

Get inspired by checking out these eBooks with hundreds of direct mail examples:

Sendoso is a relevant tool for any team; a necessary tool in a world where digital outreach doesn’t always break through the noise. Sendoso touches are quickly becoming a standard touchpoint. And it’s not just the cookies or the stress balls that we send with Sendoso. It’s the data, the follow up, the message—all of it ties together to create this powerful package.”

Brooke Ballard, Alleyoop

Learn how to rise above the noise today.

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