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Customer loyalty software

Foster loyalty experiences your customers love.

Customers have more options than ever. The good news? They value something they touch 24% more highly than something they can only see. So forget thank you emails; drive lifelong loyalty with tangible rewards and tokens of appreciation that your customers will actually enjoy using our customer loyalty software.

Drive Lifetime Value


Send a beautiful box of swag and educational materials to new customers so you can get them excited to be working with your company.


These things happen. Remedy a bad customer experience by sending a $50 eGift card for coffee, lunch, or an experience of their choice.


Maintain strong relationships by sending customers surprise treats or thoughtful handwritten notes, especially before a renewal or upsell event.

Sending Options

With our Address Confirmation, you can choose from millions of possibilities … sent to wherever your customer or prospect is working.

Send From Where You Already Work


Send directly from within Salesforce, set up triggers or campaigns to send based on rules, automatically log activities, and more.


Automate direct mail, gifts, and eGift sends based any smart list criteria and track direct mail campaign success. 

CHrome Browser Extension

Keep Sendoso with you wherever you already work and send anything off of Amazon for a hyper-personalized  touch.

Real engagement. Real Results.


Response rate from packages sent


Of users complete on boarding themselves after receiving a direct mail piece


Higher lifetime value with an emotional brand connection to your brand

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