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Sendoso Rolls Out New Custom Professional Services and Training Options to Power Corporate Gifting

September 19th, 2022
SAN FRANCISCO – Sendoso, the leader in delivering branded, B2B experiences through gifting, today announced the rollout of new onboarding and training packages designed for businesses looking to refresh, re-engage or rethink their marketing strategies. The new suite of services were designed to make it easier than ever for companies to hit the ground running with the leading sending management platform to drive revenue, improve customer relations and accomplish marketing and sales goals.

“Sendoso understands that time is precious and sales teams can’t press pause while they learn how to operate yet another tool from a different vendor,” said Kris Rudeegraap, CEO of Sendoso. “That’s why we made it a priority to develop one-on-one guidance and expert coaching options that can be completed while keeping business moving. No matter whether a customer is new to Sendoso or they have been using it faithfully for years, every customer can now find a package that fits their business needs.”

Amongst the newly released professional assessment and training offerings from Sendoso are:

Newly Released Professional Assessment and Training Offerings from Sendoso:

  • Strategic Onboarding: One of the prime business options for newcomers to Sendoso is the Strategic Onboarding packages. With various options based on team sizes and goals, these are white-glove services designed for companies energized about corporate gifting, and looking for an easy approach to full implementation of Sendoso’s platform. Sendoso’s experts are able to specially tailor the platform to accelerate business goals. Services include guiding teams toward discovering, building and successfully executing their send strategies. With consulting and technical support built in, this is a stress-free option to becoming sending pros. Sendoso’s onboarding also cuts time to value in half, meaning empowered teams will be kicking off new connections in weeks. There’s also ongoing support with data-rich metrics and dashboards that dive into the details of every gift and every campaign.
  • Seamless Migration: Those who want to switch to Sendoso for a better, faster, easier product, but are afraid of the hassle and disruption that a new sending platform could cause should consider Sendoso’s Seamless Migration package. This option provides a seamless transition to Sendoso. The Sendoso team will immediately get to work recreating current and past campaigns in the sending platform, with no inventory, data, or contacts lost. With Seamless Migration, teams are back sending in about a quarter of the time that it usually takes to set up a new platform. Sendoso experts  can also help make assessments about where to take your sending program.
  • Health Audit and Optimization: This opportunity is for Sendoso’s existing customers who are searching for a little inspiration and want to put a spark in their sending strategy. If companies need a strategic makeover or aren’t seeing the results they want, this package will help get to the root of the issue. Sendoso will perform a full audit on usage and campaigns, and pinpoint the bottlenecks. Along with the diagnostics, Sendoso provides a complete report on findings with recommendations for next steps.
  • Advanced Training: Sendoso understands the power of investing in ongoing customized education . The new training options are built for companies of all sizes, and fast tracks creating internal power users. Sendoso’s training also enables existing senders to power up their corporate sending through strategic best practices.

These new training and onboarding packages are tailored for any company looking to reinvigorate sales and marketing. Sendoso employs a team of forward-thinking expert marketers in the B2B field, and they are ready to help jumpstart progress for sales teams at any stage.

“The Sendoso Professional Services team has been a great partner to bring our gifting strategy to the next level,” said Demandbase VP of Strategic Marketing Sandra Freeman. “The team really understands how to make an impact along the buyer’s journey and provides support from creativity to systems setup to reporting advice. Direct mail is continually a top performing channel for our pipeline generation programs globally.”

To learn more about Sendoso’s professional services and training, please visit  or meet Sendoso sending experts at Jeffrey’s Toys during Dreamforce, September 20-22, 2022.

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