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Expand your global reach with a local touch

Sendoso is now connecting you to even more countries around the world. Our dedicated European team is ready to help you launch a sending strategy with premium gifts and data to inform your next move as well as 18 hours of localised support Monday through Friday.
Women Smiling at gift she received
Women Smiling at gift she received

Global sending all in one place

A lot goes into getting a global sending strategy right. Our dedicated EU teams will handle everything from shipping, taxes, and VAT to curations, customs, and what’s customary to send. Leave the sending logistics to us for a lasting impression on your customers.

New EU Fulfilment Centre in Dublin

Let us navigate around shipping rules and gifting regulations to ensure your gifts are successfully delivered without custom fees, added taxes, or delivery interruptions.

Gift with customized note
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Meet Our Dedicated EU Team

We’ve streamlined our Marketplace so picking premium products is intuitive within our Sending Management Platform. Also, our Send Curation team is always available to brainstorm ideas, source items, and provide insight into corporate gifting trends.

Available 18 Hours Daily

Thanks to our EU presence, our team is able to support you with any questions or sending solutions. We’re here for you 18 hours a day, Monday through Friday.

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Sendoso’s offering can make a huge impact in Europe, especially after the pandemic and people being so disconnected. The personalised and high-touch nature of what they offer is the perfect antidote for business connecting with customers or colleagues.

Mike McDonagh, Sendoso Advisor

Director, Sigmar Recruitment Consultants

The opportunity to work with a single solutions provider is always a huge value add for a global business. Sendoso’s investment in worldwide warehousing, logistics, and business operations should give any multinational enterprise peace of mind as a global sending solution.

Sara Richter, Sendoso Advisor

CMO, Emarsys

The immense value and economies of scale that come from adopting a single platform globally to meet the needs of regional revenue teams around the world cannot be overstated enough.

Jeff Koll, Sendoso Advisor

Head of EMEA Center of Excellence, Zoom


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