Behind the Sends: How Sendoso Keeps Your Data Safe

Direct mail and data security aren’t two things you often hear about in the same sentence. But we’re in the business of not just handling data about our customers, but all of the data they share with us to execute their direct mail and gifting campaigns. And we want to protect all of that information.


Direct Mail Unboxed: Sendoso’s Custom Advent Calendar [Video]

At Sendoso, direct mail means so much more than printing postcards. And in order to showcase some of the amazing direct mail pieces that come our way, we’re launching a brand new video series called Unboxed. We invite you to join us as we unbox some amazingly creative packages!


15 Amazing Shoutouts We Received from Successful Direct Mail Campaigns in 2018

Anyone who is familiar with Sendoso knows that successful direct mail campaigns are our bread and butter. We believe meaningful engagements should be creative, personalized, fun, and even delicious—regardless of whether they’re part of a large-scale campaign or one-to-one outreach. Sendoso helps people intelligently engage everyone who’s important to their ...


3 B2B Gift Ideas That Transform Your Quote-to-Cash Process

The sales cycle can get complicated, and fast. There are many pieces at work, but ultimately, they’re all working toward that one end goal: closing a deal. And you may think that direct mail is just another cog ready to get caught in the machine and halt that deal from actually closing. But, when done right with CPQ, some dimensional mailers and B2B gift ideas actually enhance your sales cycle and can bring in more wins ...

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