The Age Of Customer Experience

What is the main building block of brand loyalty? Having  excellent customer experience with a brand is the leading influencer for brand loyalty. Your prospects and customers feel your level of customer experience spanning from your website chat to your marketing emails. In an age where every business is trying to excel at customer experience, why wouldn’t you try direct mail to help with this goal? Let’s see 3 simple ways to use direct mail to help you excel at Customer Experience:


Customer Spotlight: Radius

At Sendoso we love to see how our customers are using the platform and they are the true experts! We decided our first Customer Spotlight is on Radius!


Enabling Sales Reps to Send Their Own Gifts ft. the RollWorks SDR Team

With so many competitive products in the SaaS landscape, we essentially choose to buy from the teams we like. Through the deal, it’s important to build rapport, and one of the ways to do this right out of the gate is by personalizing your outreach. Weaving a personal touch into ...


How Can Direct Mail Influence Consumer Behavior?

Psychology of Marketing, better known as consumer behavior, includes how consumers think, feel, and reason between different alternatives. Consumer behavior can be influenced by 4 common factors and let’s see how Direct Mail can play a role.

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