Outreach Unleash: Recap From Sendoso in Sunny San Diego

Posted By Sruthi Kumar at 05-17-2018 sales development

Last week, the Sendoso team was in sunny San Diego for Outreach’s annual conference, Unleash 18. Here are some highlights:

Location, Location, Location

It’s all about location! Outreach chose a beautiful venue to have their customers and prospects learn with an open mind. When you are in actual Paradise, how can you not come in with a positive attitude to learn?

Knowledge Baby

Everyone was pumped for the sessions (remember that welcome train on Day 1 for the Keynote?)

This year’s theme was peak performance so there was a lot of talk around efficiency:

  • CEO of Outreach, Manny Medina, kicked off the sessions as the Keynote speaker. He cut to the chase by sharing that revenue efficiency is essential for every organization. Building pipeline and bringing in revenue is top priority for every member of the team from marketing and sales, to the company’s leaders.
  • Outreach SVP of Operations, Matt Millen, captured everyone’s attention with his fire suit on stage and highlighting the importance of teams adoption a strategy of specialization in order to increase efficiency.
  • The highlight of the event was, Jocko Willink. He came on to stage and shared his experience in the Navy leading SEAL teams. He shared his learnings of the value of discipline, determination, and extreme ownership in all aspects of his life.

Overheard At Outreach

Most of my time was spent  at the Sendoso booth in the main hallway near Showpad’s photo booth and Chorus’ water bottle giveaways. And what did I hear?

Q. Does Sendoso integrate with Outreach?

A. Yes we do! Your sales reps can now add a Sendoso touch right into their sequences.

Read more about Sendoso’s integration with Outreach here.

Q. What sends are the best?

A. When you think about it, we all receive 500 messages a day, so you can’t go wrong with sending physical mailers. You’re already standing out, which is the biggest feat of all.

Get some ideas of sends here.

Q. When is it best to send a direct mailer/gift?

A. The beauty of direct mail is that it can fit anywhere in the customer journey. When it comes to prospecting, it’s a great way to get a meeting when it comes to initially prospecting, or it helps foster relationships you already have.

Read more on how one of our SDRs got over the pains of prospecting once she leveraged direct mail into her sequences.

Overall the show was great with some awesome speakers, relaxing location, and fun networking opportunities. Closing out a conference with a beach party is never a bad idea, thanks Outreach for a great few days!

Sunset at the Opening Night Reception. This view set the tone for the entire conference.
Sunset @ Opening Night Reception. The view set the tone for the entire conference.

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