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December 4, 2020

3 Tactics MarketStar Uses to Increase Marketing Contributed Revenue by 333%

By Kristin Crosier

If someone asked you to explain your ABM strategy, could you do it? ABM sounds easy in theory, but in practice requires a clear and comprehensive marketing program. 

In a recent Out of the Box session, Sendoso Sr. Director of Product Marketing Lauren Barraco chats with MarketStar Sr. Demand Generation Marketing Manager Amy Wilde about three techniques her team uses to engage with prospects and increase marketing contributed revenue, plus tactics they use to successfully execute their ABM strategy.

MarketStar’s Approach to ABM

The MarketStar ABM strategy relies on two key components: a strong technology stack, and multiple avenues for prospect outreach. The team uses ZoomInfo, Outreach, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and HubSpot to support their ABM tactics. When it comes to leveraging the information gleaned from these tools, Amy says “the key is to have a real variety of channels to make connections.”

Below are three outreach tactics that Amy’s team employs when interacting with prospects:  When executed correctly, webinars provide brands with an opportunity to build or strengthen the customer relationship.

3 Successful Outreach Tactics from MarketStar to Increase Revenue

1. Building Personal Connections

The MarketStar team uses multiple touchpoints when reaching out to prospects: 1-1, 1-few, and 1-many. Amy emphasizes the importance of making sure all outreach is targeted and purposeful regardless of whether it’s 1-1 or 1-many. 

When she is conducting 1-1 outreach, Amy likes to take the time to research the contact and follow them on LinkedIn. When she sees a contact reach a milestone such as a promotion, she uses that as an opportunity to follow up with a personalized gift.

“It’s not just about sending someone a free gift,” Amy says. “It’s about relevance and really getting to know that person.”

2. Thinking Creatively About Sends

Amy’s team likes to think outside of the box for send ideas and come up with creative, original gifts. For a recent 1-few campaign, her team leveraged the resurging popularity of Karate Kid (due to the new Cobra Kai television show) and sent out a themed bonsai tree. 

Another creative example that Amy brainstormed with her Sendoso rep was an idea for executive-level outreach. They came up with the idea to send a pinata that features a competitor’s name and include a note about how MarketStar would help them knock the competition out of the way.

“Creativity, with a little bit of risk, equals a lot of reward,” according to Amy.

3. Up-leveling Events

To attract the attention of VPs and Directors at MarketStar’s top-tier target accounts, Amy’s team partnered with Sendoso to organize a unique event. They hosted a virtual wine tasting and networking event for a small group of prospects through In Good Taste

The tasting stands out from other remote events because attendees get to be active participants (each attendee receives their own wine tasting kit in the mail) and learn about wine from an In Good Taste representative. It also provides an escape from the work-from-home environment and introduces the MarketStar brand in a more relaxed setting. 

Although Amy initially faced skepticism from some of her colleagues, she was able to persuade them of the value of a more interactive event. “Now is the best time to try these small-risk, high-reward marketing tactics,” says Amy. 

MarketStar saw great success with the virtual tasting, which had an 88% attendance rate and resulted in five meetings with target accounts.

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