10 Reasons to Include eGifts and Direct Mail in your Account-Based Marketing Strategy

By Sendoso on February 7, 2017

Are you thinking about incorporating eGifts and/or direct mail into your 2017 account-based marketing initiatives? This list will give you some ammunition and reasons to pull the trigger and get started today.

#10: eGifts are delivered instantly and can build goodwill before a demo or phone call.

#9: Postcards can be customized for each recipient on-demand, which creates a more personalized connection.

#8: eGifts can be redeemed directly from the recipients mobile phone, making it a very easy experience for them.

#7: Direct mailers can be customized based on the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) so you can send targeted, customized mailers at scale.

#6: Sending someone a coffee eGift from Sendoso can be redeemed at Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Caribou Coffee, and others, making it a perfect choice.

#5: Direct mailers like folded cards, postcards, and letters can be send with one-click out of Salesforce giving sales reps greater flexibility.

#4: If you send an eGift, for example, a coffee or lunch eGift via Sendoso and they recipient never opened the email, you get credited back on your account.

#3: You can trigger direct mailers based on online activities such as visiting website, downloading whitepaper, requesting demo, etc.

#2: SDRs and Account Executives can send direct mailers and eGifts from current sales workflow tools like Engagio, Outreach, SalesLoft, KiteDesk, and others.

#1: Because eGifts and direct mailers can increase response rates and shorten sales cycles thus driving more sales!!

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