Vendor Landscape: Account-Based Marketing, Q4 2016

About: New technologies are enabling account-based marketing (ABM) at scale, and business-to-business (B2B) marketers are increasingly deploying early ABM initiatives. But vendors' confusing claims hinder most marketers' attempts to understand if these emerging technologies can help them achieve their ABM goals better or more quickly. To help separate fact from fiction, this report examines the range of solutions that support an ABM strategy today and aligns the relevant offerings to the appropriate parts of Forrester's ABM framework.


About: Traditional lead generation, in which marketers capture as many leads as possible, and then qualify them later in the funnel, is an incredibly powerful technique. But as many as 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. Account-based marketing (ABM) is a strategic approach to lead generation in which your time and resources target a key group of specific accounts. Lead generation draws in the numbers, and ABM qualifies and targets those leads before you market to them.

The Clear & Complete Guide to Account Based Marketing

About: B2B demand generation has almost completely re-invented itself over the last decade. The collision of inbound, content marketing, lead nurturing, marketing automation, analytics, email, search, social media and native advertising has transformed the discipline from a dark art to an increasingly data-driven science. The Clear & Complete Guide to Account Based Marketing (ABM) is your guide.

A Guide to Data-Driven Account-Based Marketing and Sales

About: Data plays a starring role in every stage of your account-based marketing (ABM) and sales campaigns, from account selection to engagement. You must have an accurate picture of your customers and prospects in order to understand your market opportunity, and both Sales and Marketing need access to current and actionable business information so they can work together to engage decision makers.

Account-Based Marketing: The Key to B2B Success

About: As a B2B marketer, you won’t get the best results using the same old built-for-B2C digital marketing strategies. You need to segment prospects the way that sales sells: by account. Account-Based Marketing can enhance your current marketing activities at every point in the customer lifecycle. With an account view, you can optimize your plays to target the most valuable prospects and drive more revenue.

The 3 Essential Components of an ABM Solution

About: Account-based marketing (ABM) is more than a marketing buzzword—it’s a strategy that savvy marketers are incorporating into their marketing mix to drive revenue across their business. As more B2B organizations shift toward account-centricity, it's important to acknowledge that you will be more successful with the right tool, specifically an ABM solution that allows you to easily target, engage and measure accounts.

Building an ABM Tech Stack

About: With over 3,700 marketing technology companies in the space, there’s tremendous opportunity to create and customize the right ABM tech stack for your needs. But it can be a tough challenge knowing which technologies are vital to execute an ABM strategy. To help marketers navigate these tough choices, we’ve published the #1 ABM Tech Stack Blueprint, in conjunction with the ABM Leadership Alliance. This authoritative resource will help you align your account-based marketing strategy to best practices with specific technology capabilities and vendors you need in order to be successful.

Bridging the Gap - The Ultimate Guide to Account Based Marketing and Sales Alignment for Predictable Growth

About: Whether you’re a young startup, reaching high-growth, mid-market or even a mature industry incumbent, this eBook will teach you the latest, most innovative ways to streamline the revenue-generating sector of your business by aligning your organization. We all know that traditionally sales, marketing, and customer success have worked in silos, but in complex B2B sales, this is absolutely detrimental. Aligning these departments is no longer recommended but demanded. Organizations must ensure that teams are in sync with their counterparts.

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