Global Fulfillment Platform

  • Sendoso stores and manages your company swag, customer gifts, dimensional mailers, etc and give you instant access to send with a click of a button.
  • Preferred carrier rates with USPS, UPS, DHL, RoyalMail, FedEx, ParcelForce, DPD UK, Asendia, and CanadaPost.
  • Real-time delivery and inventory alerts.
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Salesforce Integrated

  • Send directly from within Salesforce with a click of a button.
  • Setup triggers or campaigns to auto send based on rules.
  • Automatically logs as an Activity in Salesforce and tagged to a Campaign.
  • Get real-time delivery notifications.
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Multi-Channel Outreach

  • Manage all your outreach from one platform.
  • Setup new Touches instantly for handwritten notes, eGifts, custom gifts, direct mailers, dimensional mailers, 1-to-1 gifts, welcome kits, door opener bundles, and more!
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  • Centrally manage a team of users.
  • Assign gifts/items to groups.
  • Easily invite new users.
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  • Set sending limits and budgets.
  • Have rollover or monthly limits.
  • Setup recurring or one-time balances.
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Manage Inventory

  • Keep track of your company swag in real-time.
  • Set inventory alerts.
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Activity Metrics

  • Real-time feed of team activity.
  • Track sent and delivered gifts/items.
  • Archived data saved forever.
  • Download and export data to CSV.
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100% Integrated

  • Add ‘Sendoso’ gifting button to your CRM or other software/apps.
  • Setup triggers and automations.
  • No coding required, setup in 5 minutes or less.
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Custom Templates

  • Co-branded eGift templates with your own custom logo and branding.
  • Create templates for handwritten notes.
  • Share templates across teams.
  • Live preview template builder.
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Track Performance

  • Compare and A/B test to see which outreach campaigns are driving the highest ROI.
  • Track internal adoption of Sendoso.
  • Track engagement and response rates.
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Sendoso API

  • Automate Sendoso with your own application or campaign.
  • Developer sandbox available.
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