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7 WOW-able Ways to Connect with Prospects and Customers Via Salesorce and Sendoso

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By leveraging Sendoso’s integration with Salesforce, you can automate marketing sends as well as empower your sales team with the ability to make 1:1 connections through their deals. Here are 7 WOW-able Ways to Connect with Gifting: 1) Welcome Kits Set up a Salesforce trigger to send a custom kitted ...


The 7 Ways You Should be Promoting Your Conference Sponsorship

Face-to-face meetings are no doubt the most valuable types of meetings. So when sponsoring a conference or hosting ancillary events, it’s important to put all your marketing and sales efforts into them to get the most out of the event. Here are the 7 ways you should be promoting your ...


How an Onion Mug Got Me a Meeting

Many of us in sales have been in the conundrum of how to creatively cut through the noise of a C-level executives inbox. I was in my first week at Sendoso and found myself in just this situation. I had one piece of truly personal intel from LinkedIn that stuck ...

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